Candidate for Bariatric Surgery


Bariatric surgeries and Metabolic surgeries were considered as gastrointestinal surgeries aimed at improving and/or treating clinically severe obesity and associated co-morbidities.Hence these were considered to be life saving and not cosmetic surgeries currently accepted bariatric procedures fall in the category of restrictive,malabsorptive, or a combination of the two

You could be a candidate for surgical weight loss if you meet any of the following criteria:

  • BMI >35 with/without presence any obesity-related co-morbidities.
  • BMI>30 with the presence of DM/any significant obesity related co-morbidities.
  • BMI>27.5 as a second line therapy for failure of optimum medical management or established secondary complications of T2DM.
  • Patients needs to be motivated to lose weight and commitment to long term follow up.
  • Patient should have attempted conservative methods of weight loss and failed.
  • Bariatric Surgery to be considered only between ages of 18-65 yrs.
  • Bariatric surgery may be considered in patients more than 65 yrs in the presence of severe obesity related co-morbidities/disability if the risk benefit ratio favours improved quality of life for the patient’s remaining years.
  • Bariatric Surgery may be considered in patients < 18 yrs in special situations after paediatrician/endocrinology certification , but after attainment of puberty or completion of skeletal maturity.


You may not be a candidate for surgical weight loss if:

  • Patient who is unable to participate in prolonged medical follow-up.
  • Non-stabilized psychotic disorders, severe depression, personality and eating disorders,unless specifically advised by a psychiatrist experienced in obesity.
  • Alcohol abuse and/or drug dependencies.
  • Diseases threatening life in the short term.
  • Pregnancy (If you are pregnant then surgery should be avoided)


Pregnancy has to be planned atleast 12-18 months after the bariatric surgery. Artificial reproductive therapy(ART) can be initiated 12 months after the bariatric surgery.