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5 Ways to Avoid Weight Gain After Bariatric Surgery

5 Ways to Avoid Weight Gain After Bariatric Surgery

This article discusses the other 5 steps to take after taking the bariatric surgery step. Taking these steps, will get you closer to your goal and help you reach your goal of weight loss.

There are many steps to success!

Can success only be got just through hard work or just through dedication?

No! Success is the outcome of many factors!

In the same way, success in weight loss is a combination of many factors!

Not just bariatric surgery!

Bariatric surgery is just one step to weight loss!

To achieve the goal of weight loss, along with bariatric surgery, it is necessary to take other steps too!

What other steps to take after bariatric surgery to lose weight or to avoid gaining weight?.

There is a saying, “God helps those who help themselves”!

The same way bariatric surgery helps those who help themselves!

Efforts from your end are also needed to get the desired outcome and achieve the goal of weight loss.

The 5 ways through which you can achieve the goal of weight loss along with bariatric surgery are as follows –

Be a part of support groups

You are not alone in this journey of weight loss! There are others too who are traveling this journey with you! This statement itself must have made you more comfortable and motivated, isn’t it? When we are not alone, and we have support from others, we feel more motivated to travel the journey! The journey becomes more exciting and fun when we have company and are not traveling alone! Many are sailing with you in the same boat! So, why not interact with them and make the journey better! By joining support groups and interacting with them, and being a part of them, can help you make the weight loss journey better and smoother! And as their journey is similar to yours, they will understand you better and can be of great help in making your weight loss journey smoother and help you reach your destination of weight loss!

Seek help from a dietician

Whenever we travel, we always carry a roadmap with us! As the roadmap guides us in the right direction, thus helping us reach our goal. The same way dieticians are roadmaps that help us travel the journey of weight loss! They guide us and help us walk on the right path to achieve our goal of weight loss. They make our weight loss journey easier and smoother by being a roadmap in our journey! So, it is advisable to seek the help of an experienced dietician who can help you make your weight-loss journey easier and smoother!

Satisfy your stomach and not your heart

People usually gain weight because they eat to satisfy their hearts and not their stomachs. Our stomachs are full, but when a cheese burst pizza is kept in front of us, how many of us feel tempted to eat it? To have control over overeating, the first one needs to have control over their emotions. One should eat to fill their stomach with food and not to fill their heart with happiness! So, working towards managing your emotions can help you manage your weight and avoid weight gain post-bariatric surgery.

Eat right

It is said that you are what you eat! Something similar applies to your body as well. Your body is what it is given to eat! High-calorie and unhealthy foods lead to weight gain and an unhealthy body and shape. Whereas low-calorie and healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables lead to weight loss and a healthy body. So, it is essential to provide your body with nutritious and healthy foods to make it fitter and healthier and avoid weight gain.

Exercise regularly

It is essential to exercise regularly and engage in physical activities to maintain a healthy weight and body. Even simple exercise like walking can do great good in keeping your weight in check and prevent weight gain. By walking, you are actually walking towards your goal of weight loss. With each step that you take, you keep getting closer to your goal. So, keep walking to reach your destination of weight loss.


Just like in a cricket match, teamwork is necessary to win, the same way to win over the problem of weight gain, the teamwork of bariatric surgery, food, exercise, etc. is necessary. And the captain of this team is willpower and motivation! Only when you are motivated and you want to lose weight, you will make efforts to lose weight by exercising and by eating healthy.

So, do you really want to lose weight?

Are you really motivated to lose weight?

Then it is time to move forward in the weight loss journey and take the next step after bariatric surgery i.e., healthy diet, exercise, etc.! It is now time to take the other steps towards your goal! It is now time to achieve your goal, your destination of weight loss, and win this battle!


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